Taizhou Huangyan Tianqi Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing products for composite industry, (SMC, BMC, GMT, LMT, LFD-D, carbon fiber hot and cold integrated) military product (bulletproof helmet, heart protection baffle) die-casting industry, (magnalium die-casting) chemical industry, (reaction kettle) rubber industry, (calendering, smelting, vulcanization molding) sole foaming, wind power industry, printing industry, (roller, textile, printing & dyeing drying) heating, cooling, constant temperature, hot and cold integrated industry and so on.

Our main equipment is divided into the following four classes:
I. Mold temperature machine, water temperature machine, cold water machine, hot and cold all-in-one machine, quick cooling/heating highlight equipment (composite industry, die-casting industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, wind power industry, plastic industry, printing industry).
II. Hydraulic equipment: (hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic cylinder of pressing machine, high-temperature oil cylinder of mould, engineering oil cylinder).
III. Extrusion equipment: (single-screw extruder, double-screw extruder, LFD-D production line).

IV. Mould auxiliary accessories: (thimble, ejector sleeve, sleeve, screw, internal hexagonal wrench, special high-temperature cylinder, lateral plate, etc.)  




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